Tri Peaks Solitaire Solver

The mysteries of the pyramids solved!

Solves a deal of the Microsoft Tri Peaks Solitaire game.

Click on the top card and start typing. Cards are represented by a pair of letters for rank and suit, e.g. AS, 2D, TH, KC… The algorithm is brute force with some minor heuristic tweaks, so it might take long on unsolvable decks. The row of cards at the bottom is the stock. Once all the cards are entered, click the solve button. If the card background turns maroon it means you have a duplicate.

Enter the stock cards first, as they are easy to find. Then try and figure out the cards in the pyramids, by clearing as much as you can. The remaining cards list may also help you.

Missing Cards: None

For mobile devices, you can enter the cards into the textbox below. Start from top left peak, use a space as a seperator.

The source code for this can be found on my github repo.

Written on the 27th day of July in the year of our Lord two thousand and nineteen