Whatsapp Message Analysis

Data is beautiful.

This tool processes your conversation log from WhatsApp to give you some interesting insights, see the bottom of the page for help. It is all processed locally in JavaScript, so your messages are perfectly safe :) That said, JavaScript is a bit slow, so it may take a while. You may examine the source code here, be kind it is poorly optimised.

This supports a conversation log with an individual or a group.

Messages Sent:
Total Words:
Longest Message:
Average Message Length:
Longest Message Streak:
Media Messages Sent:
Location Messages Sent:
Emoji Sent:
Happy Emojis:
Assumed Skin Colour:

How to Use This Tool

Open up WhatsApp, press the breadcrumbs button in the action bar, select “More”, “Email chat”, and then “Without Media”. Email the chat log to yourself, then download the *.txt file and open it with this tool.

Written on the 30th day of April in the year of our Lord two thousand and eighteen